About Us

Our concept is pretty simple, we support the legalization of cannabis as a useful and beneficial plant for the world.

“Legal / illegal, we care!”

The OSC-mission is to break up a wrong consensus about hemp being a bad resource. Practically, by giving some OSC-products a subtile hint to our beloved cannabis, we wanna give this lovely plant a status it deserves in between our “unenlightened” society.

“Give green lights for a change!”

We like to remind this material world in a subtle way, that people have to cool down their heads some more. Life is short, and if you overact to seize the day, you haste the day. So start to seize the moment. Celebrate those special moments in your life. Being “outer space” means to be dreamy and delightful, to create your very own path in life.

Join our Team! And move something in today’s society.